Exhibit Story Time

A different kind of story time! Hands-on play and exploration are encouraged as you and your child use children’s books to experience CMOO’s exhibits.

Reading stories is one of the most natural ways for children to learn new information. Introducing big concepts in a familiar format, like a children’s book, makes the information more accessible and easier to process. Introducing hands-on activities to supplement the book deepens a child’s understanding of the topic.

Perhaps most importantly, your child will have this experience alongside you! This program is flexible and can be facilitated by a staff member, but can also be done with just you and your child. It provides fun for all ages!

A few of the books we’ve read so far include:

Ada’s Violin: The Story of the Recycled Orchestra of Paraguay, by Susan Hood
The Adventures of an Aluminum Can, by Alison Inches
Firehouse!, by Mark Teague
Tiny, Perfect Things, by M.H. Clark
Everything You Need for a Treehouse, by Carter Higgins

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