A Place for PLAY

Children’s Museums feature hands-on, multi-sensory exhibits in a
developmentally stimulating environment. Play is a vital activity that children use
to learn about and interact with their world.


Early childhood development plays a critical role in building the foundation for
future learning. Research shows that many of the skills that children need to
develop into productive, successful adults including literacy, mathematical
reasoning, creativity and social skills originate from play.

A Place for CHILDREN

Children’s Museums are designed for the inclusion of children of all abilities and
backgrounds. They provide a unique setting for children to connect with the
adults in their lives through meaningful interaction. Indoor and outdoor spaces
enable children to exercise their bodies and minds year-round.

A Place for Our COMMUNITY

Children’s Museums strengthen community resources that educate and care for
our children. They also contribute to local economies and reduce economic
barriers. They serve as cornerstones of the community, offering programs for
both children and adults. Exhibits celebrating local culture give rise to children
who are proud stewards of the communities in which they live.

Our Board of Trustees

President, Jonathan Shaver
Vice President, Emily Lukowski
Treasurer, Greg Mills
Secretary, Jenny Workman
Marcia M. Burrell, Ph.D.
Heather Sugar
Bree Hartmann
Eric Van Buren


Executive Director, Jillian Shaver
Director of Education, Kathryn Watson


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